Why I should invest in a social media audit

A social media audit
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Why I should invest in a social media audit

Social media is now a very important part of a brands advertising and reach. If you aren’t doing it to the best of your ability, then it could be a reason as to why your brand is falling short and not achieving as well as you’d like to!

One way to ensure you are doing everything you can to ensure your social media strategy is successful is getting someone to preform a social media audit for you. A social media audit is an in-depth look into your online presence and assessing it to find out what is working for you and what you can change and improve to ensure you are getting the most out of it

You might be thinking that this is pointless or not worth the money, but there are many reasons as to why you should invest in a social media audit.

Evaluate your presence online

Doing a social media audit allows for an in depth look into your presence online. This doesn’t just stop at your main channels; it will also look at whether you have social profiles on websites that you are not using. Having any profiles that aren’t active can actually harm your online presence as you should ensure that everything you own online is active and showing your business off in a way that you want to be seen in.

Assess your social media accounts

Are your social media accounts as good as they can be? Do you have a professional, icon, handle and bio etc? A social media audit will be able to answer all these questions for you. An detailed look at your active account will allow you to see what you could be doing to improve them and how you can draw in more followers and thus more leads.

Find out how to be better than your competitors

A social media audit will look into what your competitors are doing online to see whether there is anything else you should be doing to keep up with them. If it is found that competitors have a much larger presence or are on social platforms that you aren’t you could be losing a lot of business because of this. It can also tell you how to get ahead of your competitors as well. If there are no or very little of your competitors on a particular social platform then they may suggest that you get on and try and dominate that space to draw in any clients or customers that might be using that platform.

Find out if you could be using social media for more

Social media isn’t just used by companies to advertise it can also be used for SEO purposes, customer care, market research and so much more. Your company might not be using your social media to its fullest, so a social media audit can tell you what extra things you could be utilizing it for.

Have you ever used a social media audit? Let us know in the comments!

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