Over the past years, social media marketing has shown significant growth. Companies are now using the various platforms to communicate with their market, which is improving business-customer relations.

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that most businesses are using. However, there is a slightly more significant number of large companies on Twitter compared to small businesses. This article has outlined some reasons why, as a small business, you should jump onto Twitter today, and how to go about it.

Benefits of joining twitter

  • Twitter allows you to interact with your customers and prospects more efficiently. With the retweet and like options on posts made on Twitter, your followers can easily share your content to many other people that do not follow you.
  • To stay informed. Every industry is represented on Twitter, and several similar businesses to yours are tweeting now and then with new information. If you want to stay ahead with the latest trends in your industry, then Twitter is your number one solution.
  • Twitter will help you to stamp your authority in your industry. Not only do you get to learn about your industry on Twitter, but it also gives you the platform to share your knowledge.
  • You will be able to learn about what your market thinks and wants. With this kind of information, you can find ways to provide solutions to their needs, which will boost your business.
Twitter on Desktop

How to go about joining twitter

You should be selective on the type of people that you follow. Follow those individuals that have an interest in what you offer, and those that can educate you more about your industry.

Be consistent with your posts. Your content should be relevant and of good quality. By so doing, you will have given them a reason to follow you. You are likely going to lose many followers if you don’t post regularly.

Do not restrict yourself to business tweets only. Your followers would want to feel connected to you on a human ground, and the best way to do so is by posting some stuff that’s not related to your business at all — something like a joke or funny video clip.