Tips on using Google Ads in South Africa

Tips on Using Google Ads in SA
Tips on Using Google Ads in SA

If you’re a newbie or trying to understand the ways of Google Ads in South Africa, you’re on the right track. It’s only natural to seek answers on how businesses, especially small, start-up businesses, can make money from online advertising and reach their acquired target audience with their specific products and services. Why else would you want to use Google Ads, am I right?

However, there’s so much to know about Google Ads. It may seem tedious at first but once you thoroughly understand how each function works, you’ll get a hang of it. If you’re a business owner who is eager to succeed, it all matters about the kind of business you’re running, the relevancy and honesty of the ad, and the research conducted for your business to be fruitful.

As most of us are aware, Google Ads is an effective marketing strategy to expose the nature of your business and provide customer’s needs in a meaningful manner, all the while, analysing the performance of your ad campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions on to your website.

With that all in mind, here are several tips for using Google Adwords that are especially relevant to South Africans digital advertisers.

Look for the right keyword.

Once you are prepared to introduce your business or brand in the virtual world, it’s only natural to market your brand accordingly. With Google Ads, you can create an effective campaign strategy and offer highly relevant ads that offer customers exactly what they are searching for. In this case, you’ll need to come up with a well, thought out keyword, a word that is occasionally searched for or it’s in trend. For starters, you can use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

Here’s a tip for a beginner: If you’re just a beginner Google Ads user, try setting up low-budget campaigns and select one good keyword for your ads. One keyword is all you need but try being specific as possible, you’ll surely see results!

Targeting the right market and location.

When publishing your ad, you must do your research on the geographical location as well. You’ll want your ads to target customers in specific areas, ensuring it reaches their presence, which is followed by higher clicks and potential conversions.

Moreover, you’ll never know when people might be searching for your business, so why not make them see that it exists? Hence, it is crucial to understand where your targeted market lies and the best way to connect with them at a right time. For example, if your business is located in Johannesburg, maybe focus on this area before expanding the location base and losing extra costs.

Pay Per Click (PPC) vs Cost Per Click (CPC)

Generally, PPC and CPC go hand in hand with each other. PPC (pay per click) more or less is a marketing approach while the CPC (cost per click) is a performance metric. To determine how well a PPC campaign is performing, the CPC is measured first, in return, identifying potential clicks turning into qualified leads. With PPC campaigns, your brand is exposed to a larger, diverse audience which appears in search engines’ pages based on the keywords and phrased searched by the users.

So when a user clicks on your ad, you pay for the ad. Hence, the word pay per click. Once your campaign is up there, the CPC will measure the efficiency and relevancy of your ad. For instance, if you paid $100 for a PPC ad and you’ve got 100 clicks, you’re only spending $1 for each ad. It is one way to target your audience to your website and one of the effective ways to drive traffic on to your website/business.

Here’s a challenge for you: Create a PPC campaign and generate better results in 2021. You won’t know the success rate until you try!

Convert clicks into potential customers.

Alright, folks. You’ve got your keyword, you’ve allocated your target market, you have your budget, you have an alluring ad that is up and posted, your brand is now ready for conversions. In this part, you want to focus on how you can convert the number of clicks into actual customers.

Choose your targeted market carefully and utilise every opportunity you see to get your conversions for your business, it’s one way to keep your business afloat and running. But, conversions don’t necessarily translate into immediate results because it takes time. With time, your business would’ve accomplished other benefits like brand awareness, brand consideration, and website traffic campaigns that also play a part in your business to sprout and bloom.

Stay on top of Google.

Every business owners aspire their business to stay on top of Google or appear on the first page. It brings in potential customers to their site, resulting in more traffic and conversions. When Google notice that your business is gaining a lot of attractions, you’ll be right on top. Perform analysis, track when’s the right moment to set up your ads, optimise your PPC campaign from time to time, ensure the landing page is user-friendly, it’ll keep your business standing and on top of other competitors.

Overall, you have the basic idea about what Google Ads is all about and how you can get your business started in South Africa. Of course, if you’d like to, you can learn more in-depth approaches to Google Ads.

However, take things in a step-by-step manner and understand each functionality. Sooner than later, you can expand your budget and customer base and, in return, you’ll have a higher ROI. In the end, you’ve acquired skills to be a pro digital advertiser and run a gruesome, yet successful business.

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