The Money is in The List – A Guide to Grow Your Email List Effectively.

Grow your email list effectively.
Grow your email list effectively.

“The money is in the list” a term that gets thrown around loosely online. But what does this actually mean and is there truth behind it?

The answer? YES. An email list is one of the biggest assets you can have in your business. With an engaged list you can grow your brand awareness, and increase your sales with the click of the send button.

But an email list full of freebie seekers who aren’t really interested in your business will result in an unengaged audience and a list that is of no real value to you or your business. 

Having a list of readers that you build a relationship with will create an audience that is eager to buy and read your content. If we’ve said it before we’ll say it again, content is the biggest driving factor for any online business. Create superb content, invite people to subscribe to never miss any of your content and that will equal a massive growth in your email list. 

So how do you grow your list, and grow it effectively? In this guide, we’ll look at 5 ways you can do just that.

1. Make it as easy as possible for readers to subscribe.

Create an opt-in form that is as simple as possible. By removing all the input fields except the email collection field, will increase your opt-in rate. 

Your heading should be very clear and to the point. Tell readers what they will be missing if they don’t subscribe. This creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and will entice your audience to want to join your list. 

Offer something in return for their email, a freebie that will be of real value to your visitors. It is always a good idea to offer something that will have your audience think “if this is what they offer for free, how amazing will their paid offer be”. 

2. Engage new visitors from the get-go.

Placing opportunities to subscribe to your list in strategic places will increase the efficacy of your campaign to grow your list. The more opportunities, the more chances that a visitor will convert into a subscriber. The result? Massive growth in subscribers.

Place an opt-in form with your lead magnet:

  • Above the fold on your home page.
  • On every single post on your website, in the content as well as at the bottom. 
  • On the sidebar.
  • And an exit intent pop-up, and/or a pop-up when a visitor has scrolled around 50% down on your website. 

3. Twitter cards

Why not add a Twitter one-click sign-up card? These are fairly easy to create and are very effective. Twitter already has the email addresses of Twitter users, so this way it is very easy for followers to join your list. The one-click sign-up removes any hesitance of filling out forms and targets people who already follow you anyway.

You can achieve this by creating a free Twitter ads account and using it to create a lead generation card. Go to: Creatives > Cards > Great Lead Generation Card.

You can now tweet your lead gen card and watch the subscribers roll in.

4. Social media

Your social media strategy is crucial for growing your email list. Some platforms don’t make space for your link to be included in posts (like Instagram and TikTok) but you can curb this by making sure your call to action in those cases are that the link is in your bio. Make sure to test where your most subscribers are coming from so that you can zone in on that platform for better results. 

Leverage your social following by running competitions or sweepstakes, they should then invite friends to join your list to be in the running for the prize. A good incentive would be the more they share the bigger the chances of them winning. 

5. Change your words

This might seem like an irrelevant strategy to help grow your email list, but it is in fact very powerful. Put yourself in your target audiences’ shoes and ask yourself, do I want to subscribe to more junk email? Probably not! Do I want to get exclusive access to secret content and never before seen offers? YES! 

Words can change the way you think.

In the same manner, put great thought into your call-to-action button. Don’t default to the bland yes and no buttons. Instead, customize them to suit your business. This lets readers feel like there is a real person on the other side of that button.  


Email marketing and growing your list should be a top priority in your business. It is one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools to have. 

To have effective email growth, you should follow the strategies we’ve outlined above. Doing so will draw in new leads daily and give you an edge over your competitors. Check out our other articles to help you create a successful Digital strategy.

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