South African Local Directories: Why You Should Post Your Company Listing

Various reasons to be apart of South African directories.
Various reasons to be apart of South African directories.

Appearing on search is fundamental to your business’s success in this digital age, but the process of appearing on local search results can be complicated and time-consuming. Thankfully, business directories shorten that process while making it less complicated.

What Are Business Directories?

Business directories are websites that index businesses based on their industry or services. Google My Business and Facebook are good examples of international directories that also assist local establishments, as both platforms allow you to search and filter businesses based on their services and industry. However, a popular local business directory would be HelloPeter. Although known for the reviews, HelloPeter is one of a handful of popular local directories.

Why You Should List Your Business onto Business Directories in South Africa

Considering that, at some point, every consumer will use information from a directory to make a purchasing decision, being listed on one is always beneficial. But there are other benefits too, including:

Getting More Referrals

Social proof is crucial to securing more clients and customers. Because most business directories allow businesses to receive reviews, you can receive referrals that directly impact your business. Besides, referrals on business directories are more likely to be trusted than referrals or testimonials on your website because customers know you cannot curate and edit them.

Increasing Brand Awareness

To grow online you need to focus on creating brand recognition. Many South African consumers are still very suspicious about businesses and websites they have not heard of before. Therefore, having information about your business on reputable directories can put potential customers minds at ease.

Lead Generation

Another reason to list your business on a business directory is to get more leads. Business directories help you generate leads not only because you get to list your businesses details (NAP: name, address, phone) but because you are on a site where consumers can search for and research businesses. Essentially by being in a high traffic environment, like a directory, you are more likely to receive – in the very least – some of that traffic.


Search engine optimization depends heavily on the number of inbound links your website gets from reputable sources. Because directories often have higher page authority because of the sheer number of websites linking in, having a citation from these websites signals to search engines that your business is reputable as well. It is also easier for site crawlers to pull vital information about your business like your address and phone number if a customer searches for it by name.

Therefore, listing your business in a directory means you benefit from some of that PA. Considering the SEO of the directory itself, your listing is also more likely to rank highly on search results.

Our strategy for your digital presence is to help you generate more leads. One of the first steps we take to do that is to help you build links. Link building boosts your authority on search engines and can accelerate your position as a top result for local search queries.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you get more leads and increase your conversions.

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