The One Social Media Strategy Driving Record Revenue For Business

Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing Tools

The inner workings of social media strategy are under fresh debate as a result of posts achieving higher engagement than others. Time to see how to make this work for yourself.

The viral nature of post variation

Confidential information is about to be released about the secret tactics used by social media marketers. Think outside the box and reap the benefits of post variation. Show others how much your social media strategy wisdom has improved.

All the information we know about post variation has been collated and presented for you. Full steam ahead to discovery.

In times like these, so many of us are eager to know more about post variation – so what is it?

Reproducing variations on your most engaging posts is a secret strategy used by savvy social media teams. This is when a post that has proven it has great traction through previous performance is then recrafted with some slight differences but retains its original message.

Is that nice and clear? Let’s move on to how to identify post variation opportunities.

Think through the things you already associate with post variation. Many fear using the tactic for one major reason: Spam.

Copy and paste the exact same post is fraught with danger. Followers may clue on to the fact that you have recycled a previous post, and in a world craving fresh insights, this won’t fly with your audience.

Instead, reframing those posts that have proven to be successful will offer a new post for your followers, all the while knowing that a similar post performed strongly in the past.

With those observations behind you, fresh information about how post variation can be conducted is the next logical step.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Analyse your social stats

Consider the following.

Social media platforms provide in-depth data and stats about the performance of your posts and other activities. If you are not leveraging this social media data to the full extent then you are ignoring important growth opportunities.

Firstly, start analysing your social media stats to highlight the posts that gain the most engagement.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around that you can compound that starting point with our next step in the process.

Step 2: Create several different versions

Once you know which type of post is having the most impact on your audience, you can comfortably predict that similar posts will likely perform in the same manner.

What you need to do is reconstruct this post in several different ways. Providing variations while retaining the original “value” or intent of the message.

Step 3: Schedule them at intervals

After you have reworked your high engagement post into multiple variations, it’s time to schedule them at different times.

If you post them too close together, they will lose their impact. And maybe even create disgruntled followers. Be sure to space them a few days apart at a minimum.

You now have multiplied the value of your initial high engagement post. Time to watch the extra followers swarm to your subscriber list!

Binding all this together gives you a clear picture about post variation and social media strategy can be a winning combination for social media teams.

And so we finish on that note. Your knowledge in the area of social media strategy has dramatically increased.

Discussing the issue in depth will be easier if you remember these steps.

To maximise retention, take some time to reflect on the topic. Ensure you don’t become complacent in your quest for knowledge about post variation. Go and find a few of your best performing posts now and practice recreating them.

It is certainly a thought-provoking strategy.

Last piece of business. We urge you to reveal your views in the conversation on our own social media channel. Keep up the momentum and read one of our other posts on social media marketing.


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