Why Ignoring Social Media Platforms is Costing Your Business Money

Why Ignoring Social Media Platforms is Costing Your Business Money
Why Ignoring Social Media Platforms is Costing Your Business Money

Crying is not the answer. Wave farewell to knowing nothing about social media marketing. Never again will you need to stay quiet in a debate about how social media is imperative to your business success.

This article will delve deeply into the topical areas of social media marketing and how it contributes to business success. How can you separate fact from fiction? Hold tight as we find out.

Social Media is a phenomenon that engulfed the web in the early 2000’s. Since its emergence, it has given rise to various platforms that all offer social media in an assortment of ways. This includes photo sharing, video posting and microblogging, just to name a few.

The rise of social media marketing

Currently, more people out there are gathering information about social media marketing than at any other time in the history of the web.

Try to draw a picture in your mind about how social media marketing impacts you.

The early attitude to social media from a business perspective was very different to what it is today.  It was originally not envisaged as a space where business could engage with customers or potential buyers.

However, as time has passed, and trends have changed, all businesses should now be actively involved on multiple social media platforms, especially if they plan to survive in the long term.

Social media platforms act as your businesses mouthpiece
Social media platforms act as your businesses mouthpiece

So why is it so vital to business now? Let’s dissect the reasons.

Customers intimate space

When people are interacting with their social media accounts, they feel they are in their safe personal space that they’ve created. They are surrounded by familiar people, following things they like and looking at posts that interest them.

It’s like they are hanging out in their own bedroom. It’s their intimate space.

This is why social media marketing is so powerful.

If you can reach your customers with your brand by infiltrating their social media space, then they will likewise view your brand as a part of their world.

This does wonders for brand loyalty, as well as spreading awareness to user’s connected to that person’s social profile.

Projecting brand image at scale

Not only are you exposing your brand in someone’s personal space, but you are also reaching out to mass audiences that social media platforms attract.

There are billions of people using social media around the globe, making it a very attractive medium for spreading the word about your brand.

Many social media marketing teams aim to create posts that maximise impressions, in the hope that it will go viral (spread rapidly through sharing). This represents huge value compared to more traditional advertising methods that reach similar numbers.

Controlled PR channel

Finally, social media platforms act as your businesses mouthpiece. It’s the voice of your brand and you have full control over what messaging you intend to project to the masses.

It enables businesses to control the narrative around certain topics, and engage and interact with users to establish authority and expertise within the industry. This is invaluable to a business that is striving for long lasting brand relationships.

Joining all these facets into one makes social media marketing and business success go hand in hand. Ultimately you can now think about the social media marketing of your business in a new light.

The ball is in your court. Taking on a professional social media marketing audit can consolidate the best strategy for your own business.

What other parts about social media marketing interest you? We’ll need to wait it out to see what new social media platforms arise, and how they affect the current offerings…

So now you have something to chew on.

We ask one last favour of you. We encourage you to jot down your thoughts on our own social media channels before you depart.

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