How to Really Engage Your Facebook Audience

Social media platforms act as your businesses mouthpiece
Social media platforms act as your businesses mouthpiece

How to Really Engage Your Facebook Audience

Many companies using Facebook as a means of marketing to their audience all face the same kind of question, how can we post relevant, engaging content that actually generates engagement from our audience?

Below are seven tips you can use to post relevant content that will help to generate engagement from your audience.

Engage with YOUR audience –

Your audience is going to want to engage with your business if they feel they are valued members of your business community. They are not so easily going to comment, like and share your Facebook posts if they feel they are being ignored and not getting any reward from doing so themselves. It is vital you engage with your audience in the same way you hope they do with you. It takes very little time and feels rewarding to your audience for engaging with your content. Remember – engagement is a two-way street!

Post Consistently –

In order to gain a large following and to increase engagement with your Facebook posts, you must remember to post consistently. Don’t confuse consistency with frequency, your audience may get tired of constant posting throughout the day and may feel engagement fatigue. Post consistently – at roughly the same time each day –  when you know your audience is online and there to engage with your content. It will help in the long run to use software online that helps to schedule posts at the times when your audience is online. Use Facebook Insights to acquire the data for when your audience is most active on the social network and use scheduling software to take care of the rest. However, don’t forget to engage with your audience when they engage with you.

Video is King

When it comes to the type of content you share, remember, video is King. Posts with videos are far more likely to receive increased engagement compared to posts with photos or text-based posts alone. Of course, this tip is largely contingent on your own business’ experience on Facebook engagement and having researched your own Facebook Insights to find out the content that works best for your business. Sometimes it can also help to go Live on Facebook as this type of content is seen as much more engagement worthy than any other type of post. Though use it sparingly as not everyone is going to be available to engage with a daily live show.

Mix up Content –

That being said it is important to mix up the content on your Facebook page. Repetitive content can become tiresome and can get missed by some eyes on your audiences’ News Feed. Remember to frequently switch between Live, Video, Photo and Text posts regularly in order to keep your content fresh for your audience to engage.

Share Content –

Not every piece of content has to come from your business’ Facebook page only. Remember you can find content on Facebook from others within your industry and share their content. Especially if it is entertaining, informative or inspiring. This content does not have to come directly from a competitor but should be a company involved in the same industry as your company. Who knows, it may even lead to an increase in your audience size!

Aim for Entertaining, Informative and Inspiring –

Your content should entertain, inform or inspire your audience enough for them to want to engage with you on Facebook. Entertainment in the form of memes, GIF’s or funny photos usually do well on Facebook. Content should also come in the form of information to teach your audience something they didn’t know about the industry. Finally your content should have an element to inspire your audience to engage with your content on Facebook, this could come in the form of telling the story of how your company came to be from an idea in the mind of the CEO.

Remember the 80/20 Rule –

Finally, as a business you are going to want to market your product or service. This is to be expected and the audience who choose to follow you will expect this. However, try to remember the 80/20 rule. Marketing on Facebook should absolutely be one of your marketing strategies but make sure you are adding value to your audience 80 percent of the time and advertising your products or services 20 percent of the time. There is little worse for a social media audience than having products or services shoved in their faces all the time with little space left for entertaining, engaging or inspiring content.

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